St Paul's Catholic Primary School Calendar



Afternoon Tea 1:30pm - 1:55pm

8:35am School Commences

 Lunch Break

10:45am - 11:30am

3:00pm School



Classes at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School commence at 8.35am and conclude at 3.00pm.


Children should not arrive at school prior to 8.15am unless granted approval by the principal.  Morning playground duty commences at 8.15am.  A parent/guardian supervises Prep children until 8.35am.  Parents are to ensure that all children leave the grounds by 3.30pm.  Should there be a difficulty in arranging for your child to be collected by this time, please contact the school as soon as possible.


Parents/Caregivers must sign the register in the Office for all late arrivals (after 8.35am) and for all early departures (before 3.00pm) before children are collected from the classroom. Class rolls are marked at 8.35am and a SMS sent to families at 10am if there has not been a notification of an absence made to the school. School rolls are marked again at 2pm.


Students who arrive before 8.15am must move directly to the undercover area. If they have a bike or scooter, they will park it in the appropriate bike/bag rack and then move to the undercover area. Students cannot remain near the classrooms. Once the two teachers on duty arrive, students will leave the undercover area and take their bags to their classrooms before going to play until the 8.35am bell.

Arrival & Departure Times 

Car Parking and Pick Up Zone

FLOW THROUGH ZONE – indicated by large white diagonal lines

Set down & pick up area only – no parking or leaving your car in this area!

  • Join the REAR of the queue from the northern Victoria St gate

  • Move forward with the flow of the zone

  • Do not skip the line as it disrupts the flow and potentially causes accidents

  • Stay in your car at all times - clearly DISPLAY your family name for staff to read

  • Children will be directed to a position for collection that quickens up the flow of cars

  • ONLY exit as the cars in front of you move to exit.  Exit through southern Victoria St gate.

  • At all times give way at the pedestrian crossing

  • Cars skipping the line or exiting out of turn create a hazard to pedestrians and other cars

  • The flow through zone will be more efficient if the afternoon peak time is spread out across the 20-minute supervised period from 3pm to 3.20pm


  • If you arrive early for pick up, utilise the 40 parking bays and leave your car to collect your child/ren.

  • If you need to collect your child/ren from their classrooms use parking bays

  • Only use the pedestrian crossing across the flow through zone for your own safety

  • Students are not permitted to cross into the car park without family supervision.

  • There is NO RIGHT-HAND turn at the exit gate into Victoria Street during school hours.

  • Please consider our neighbours by not blocking their driveways as you wait patiently to enter the car park

  • Children are under teacher supervision at the Top/Church gate from 3pm until 3.20pm

  • After 3.20pm remaining students will be taken to the office for collection

  • If not collected by 3.30pm parents will be called

  • Students are not permitted to play on the playground after school unless supervised by an adult.

FRONT CAR PARK - Breakspear Street

  • Student supervision after school is available in the bus shelter facing Breakspear Street.

  • 20 parking spaces are available in front of the school

  • Additional parking is available across Breakspear St – students to use the supervised crossing 

  • Teacher supervision from the bell at 3.00pm until 3.20pm.

  • After 3.20pm remaining students will be taken to the office for collection. If not collected by 3.30pm parents will be called.

STAFF CAR PARK - Dirt Car Park off Breakspear Street

  • Staff only parking

  • Unsupervised by staff

NO DROP OFF OR PICK UP at this car park.