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The mission of the Catholic School is based on the belief that every individual is called to communion with God. Access to St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Gracemere, therefore, is available to those who recognise and seek to respond to this call. The school recognises that the world today is a multicultural society and respects individual's rights to their own beliefs. In endeavouring to maintain a distinct Catholic character, the school actively promotes the evangelising role of the Church.

Enrolment at St Paul's Catholic Primary School will be open to all students whose families are willing to participate in the life of the school as an educational and faith community.

Enrolling your child at St Paul's Catholic Primary School is easy, simply follow the below steps:



Complete an Enrolment Application located on the Catholic Education website for each child you wish to enrol. Please note that there are known issues with the form when using Safari, the default browser for Apple products. For this reason, we recommend completing this step using Google Chrome.


To facilitate the enrolment process you will be required to attach some, or all, of the following items for each child in PDF format;

  • Birth Certificate (certified copy or original to be sighted at school)

  • Baptism Certificate (if Catholic or Christian)

  • Immunisation Certificate

  • Health Care or Concession Card

  • Guardian’s Driver License

  • Court orders / Parenting plans (if applicable)

  • Documents relating to additional needs (reports, health action plans, diagnosis etc)

  • Most recent school report

  • Passport or visa (if applicable)


To finalise your enrolment application an initial Enrolment Fee of $30.00 per child up to a maximum of $60.00 per FAMILY is required. This fee is payable online upon proceeding through the various enrolment steps. (No refund is provided for cancelled applications).



The following process will be followed once an Enrolment Application has been submitted:


  • Further information may be sought if required or if the application is incomplete.

  • We will invite you, along with your child/ren to attend an interview with the Principal at a mutually arranged time to finalise the enrolment.

  • Potential places are then allocated to families according to our Enrolment Policy which allocates priority of places. Order of priority for enrolment will be given as follows:

a) Students with siblings who currently attend or have attended the school or college

b) Students whose families worship in a Catholic parish
c) Students whose families demonstrate a commitment to the ethos and values of Catholic Schools and have a desire for faith education in the Catholic tradition.

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