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Car Parking and Pick-Up Zone

FLOW THROUGH ZONE – indicated by large white diagonal lines.

 Set down & pick up area only – no parking or leaving your car in this area!

  • Join the REAR of the queue from the northern Victoria St gate

  • Move forward with the flow of the zone

  • Do not skip the line as it disrupts the flow and potentially causes accidents

  • Stay in your car at all times - clearly DISPLAY your family name for staff to read

  • Children will be directed to a position for collection that quickens up the flow of cars

  • ONLY exit as the cars in front of you move to exit.  Exit through southern Victoria St gate.

  • At all times give way at the pedestrian crossing

  • Cars skipping the line or exiting out of turn create a hazard to pedestrians and other cars

  • The flow through zone will be more efficient if the afternoon peak time is spread out across the 20-minute supervised period from 3pm to 3.20pm


  • If you arrive early for pick up, utilise the 40 parking bays and leave your car to collect your child/ren.

  • If you need to collect your child/ren from their classrooms use parking bays

  • Only use the pedestrian crossing across the flow-through zone for your own safety

  • Students are not permitted to cross into the car park without family supervision.

  • There is NO RIGHT-HAND turn at the exit gate into Victoria Street during school hours.

  • Please consider our neighbours by not blocking their driveways as you wait patiently to enter the car park

  • Children are under teacher supervision at the Top/Church gate from 3 pm until 3.20 pm.

  • After 3.20 pm remaining students will be taken to the office for collection

  • If not collected by 3.30pm parents will be called

  • Students are not permitted to play on the playground after school unless supervised by an adult.

FRONT CAR PARK - Breakspear Street

  • Student supervision after school is available in the bus shelter facing Breakspear Street.

  • 20 parking spaces are available in front of the school

  • Additional parking is available across Breakspear St – students to use the supervised crossing 

  • Teacher supervision from the bell from 3.00 pm until 3.20 pm.

  • After 3.20 pm remaining students will be taken to the office for collection. If not collected by 3.30 pm parents will be called.

STAFF CAR PARK - Dirt Car Park off Breakspear Street

  • Staff only parking

  • Unsupervised by staff

NO DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP at this car park.

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